Viking AT Piezo Microvalve

How Does the Piezo Valve Help Applications & Industries?

Low power consumption and operating costs make the piezo valve perfect for mass production. The piezo valve is used in a multitude of commercial applications and industries due to the low power consumption, precision, and safety qualities that the piezo valve provides. Benefits of using the piezo valve include use in explosive environments and niche markets with high-cost/low-volume manufacturing. 

The piezo valve is used extensively in a wide variety of industrial applications. Automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, and food processing are just a few of the industries where the piezo valve is utilized. Ink-jet printers, high-end acoustic speakers, and precision motors are all manufactured using the piezo valve in the application process. At the domestic level, the piezo valve offers significant commercial potential. The piezo valve can precisely regulate water and gas supplies with exceptional safety margins. 

The piezo valve is perfect for the complex levels of manufacturing necessary in the fields of biotechnology, medical technology, and diagnostics. The piezo valve delivers much needed precision in nanoliter or picoliter metering in these fields. The drives used in nanoliter or picoliter metering require the piezo valve to run at a high operating frequency. The piezo valve generates tiny droplets without nebulization, dripping, or satellite formation. The ability of the piezo valve to precisely dose a variety of liquids onto very different surfaces is a crucial function that the piezo valve provides for these industries. The non-contact nature of the piezo valve actuation prevents cross-contamination while generating perfect droplets. The piezo valve also speeds laboratory automation resulting in higher yields, faster processes, and more functions at the same time. 

The piezo valve gives designers and companies a substantial advantage in their respective markets by taking advantage of the leading edge technology that the piezo valve offers. The Viking piezo valve is the world’s leading micro piezo valve providing superior performance, lower consumption, faster reaction times, increased safety, and exceptional reliability.

Viking AT

An Industry leader in piezo actuation technology!

Viking AT is the industry leader in research and development of piezo actuation technology. Viking AT specializes in ultra-low energy consumption, increasing reliability, much faster speed, greatly improved accuracy and response.

For almost 200 years, the electromagnetic solenoid has been the standard method for actuation applications. Other technologies have also been developed in order to perform actuation including advanced shape memory alloys, voice coils and Piezoelectric actuators.

Recently, Viking AT developed the ViVa™ Solid State Actuator. ViVa™ offers much lower power consumption compared with a standard electromagnetic solenoid. In addition, it has a faster cycling speed and response time, smaller size, less reaction to temperature variation and extremely good proportional control. These features over standard electromagnetic solenoids offer benefits that apply to numerous applications such as valves, positioners, latches and locks requiring high degrees of precision. Additionally, very recent developments have allowed ViVa™ to improve performance in reciprocating devices such as pumps and compressors.

Viking AT, with it’s many years experience in piezo, also offers state-of-the-art Piezo Multilayered Cofired Stacks and environmentally protected piezo devices that can be used in a wide range of harsh environments, which we call SIAC.

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