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Viking AT Specializes in Practical Piezo Solutions for Commercial and Consumer Applications:

We can help you add performance and reduce power consumption in your valve, lock, latch, or mechanism.  For example, Viking has designed many valves incorporating it’s actuation technology.

Viking has adapted many valves to incorporate ViVa actuation technology.  Those valves now perform better and operate with 95% less power.

  • Piezo Actuators
  • Piezo Valves
  • Piezo Injectors
  • Hermetically Sealed Actuators
  • Miniature Proportional Valves
  • Large Amplified Actuators
  • Custom Piezo Technologies
Viking AT HomeAbout UsViVa Technology  Piezo ProductsMeet The CEOJeff Moler BlogPiezo Actuator FAQContact Us
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Piezo Actuators, Valves, and Injectors  for Your Application

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