ViVa Technology

Not all piezo actuators are created equal

Viking AT is the industry leader in application of piezo actuation. Viking AT specializes in assisting it’s clients in implementation of ViVa® piezo actuators in our client’s product, yielding ultra-low energy consumption, increasing reliability, much faster speed, greatly improved accuracy and response.

The ViVa piezo actuator line offers benefits that apply to numerous applications.  It can replace the solenoid on a valve to create a ViVa based piezo valve and/or positioner that will provide a high degree of precision and low power consumption. Similarly, ViVa can replace electromagnetics in consumer valves, latches, and door locks reducing power consumption by 95% or better.

A piezo stack type actuator is comprised of multiple layers of ceramic material that produce a piezoelectric effect. When actuated, this type of device produces very high force but with limited displacement. Typical displacements are not large enough to accomplish most applications. ViVa solves the issue of limited displacement by amplifying the piezo’s displacement by 10, 20, 50 100 or even 200X depending upon design.

The range of displacement provided by ViVa  is useful for many general-purpose industrial applications such as piezo valves, grippers and linear motors, and consumer applications such aspiezo valves, tools, locks and speakers.  

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ViVa Piezo Microvalve

Hermetically Sealed Piezo Actuators

3mm ViVa  Piezo Actuator